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Biden: Council will help auto workers get new jobs

23 Jun 2009

Biden toured the northwestern Ohio headquarters of the Willard & Kelsey Solar Group, which plans to begin large-scale production of solar panels this year. The Toledo area has been hit hard by job losses in the auto industry and is banking on more green factory jobs.


Perrysburg solar company to receive $5.5M from state

15 Dec 2008

Senator Mark Wagoner (R-Toledo) announced Monday that the state approved $5.5 million for the planned expansion of Willard & Kelsey Solar Group, LLC,  located in Perrysburg.


Solar Facilities Growing in Wood County

1 Nov 2008

Wood County has become home to a number of growing solar energy companies. Two of them are investing $241 million into Perrysburg - First Solar, Inc. and Willard & Kelsey Solar Group, LLC have made plans to bring a total of 534 new jobs to northwest Ohio. A third company, Cabo USA Inc., is growing its operations in the solar energy market as well.

According to Tom Blaha, executive director, Wood County Economic Development Commission (WCEDC), northwest Ohio offers key benefits for solar companies to locate in the region. He stated, "I think what the companies saw in Wood County was a tradition that we have throughout northwest Ohio; it's not just in Wood County.

"That tradition is the history in the glassmaking industry. Glass is the raw material that the solar panels are built onto: The company that's now First Solar was started by a well-known northwest Ohio entrepreneur named Harold McMaster. He has since passed away, but this company is a legacy that has grown out of his inventions.

"Because of the fact that we have this history / background in the glassmaking industry, it means that there's a background for the kinds of things that are needed to make the solar panels.

That includes not just companies and people that know how to make glass, but companies and people that know how to make glassmaking equipment, machines that create the glass and bend the glass, and so on."